Class project report

This is the first time I ever try to 3D print something. Is pretty awesome for me to have an experience like that. I made the 3D model by Tinker Cad, Last time I had made the model by Maya in high school, so is really took me sometime to figure out about this program.


Class project report

I’ve seen a lot of books bound by wire, and all kinds of binding methods are different. But in class I had learned more binding methods. Although not as good as what Professor showed, my hand painted content is good.


Class project report

I was the first attempt to try paper machine. I had no idea when hearing others mentioned paper machine. Neither know what is it nor how to operate it, but it was really interesting when trying it by yourself. Although it was different with what I’d imagined, I thought it would be more formal and meticulous, but when thinking carefully, it was nice and beautiful to make a fine model.

Final Reflective Blog post

In my point of view, creation and production are combined. Making is not just buying a chair from IKEA, assembling it according to the instructions, but thinking more about how to do it better when assembling. Even if not really come out any thoughts but having this kind of thinking is also very good. In China, many of our generation do not acquire better creativity. they prefer to follow full of instructions. However, many of the production comes from accidents, not from instructions. For instance, I have been in contact with the term Cajon. The drum itself came from South America. For a Maker, 1 plus 1 does not necessarily equal two. Writing is a very good way to create, to record their own experience and then create it. So, Blog has become an excellent way, not only record their own in the production of the difficult process, but also a means of communication with other people. Through blog, I saw more achievements from other great makers.

This semester I had really learned a lot, I was the only Chinese in this class, so I think I really learned a lot of things others cannot learn. For me, each lesson is a window to discover new things. We should be the only one in the class dismantling the phone and assembled back to the people and I should be the only Chinese student to learn how to do Paper machine this semester. Everything is new to me, including the binding small magazine by myself. What I have learned is not just how to do this, but the skills that can be incorporated into my future. I can also be more skilled in making 3D models and using a variety of tools such as various screwdrivers. It sounds simple, but it is not easy to use them skillfully such as a screwdriver. In the past I never used a screwdriver to open cell phone. And also, the Photoshop, although I have not used many times, but the software has repeatedly helped me design and drawings for a lot of things. I also had improvements in my writing. Through class practice and writing a blog, I am more confident in my writing. I used to write because of the homework, although it can be tempered, but the process is not interesting. However, I am now writing a blog to practice writing.

I used to make 3D models, and the software that I used was called “Maya”. This software is not good to operate, and my friends and I read books and find online tutorials repeatedly for a full month. Ultimately, we mastered some of the ways to use. However, the TinkerCAD website that we used in class was very simple to use, and soon we were able to make some basic modeling by using TinkerCAD, which greatly increased our efficiency. WordPress was also unfamiliar to me. Even don’t know how to edit in the beginning to proficiently using right now let me put a lot of efforts in it.

Finally, I want to say some of the feelings, I am really glad that I chose this lesson. I learned a lot in this lesson that I had never learned before. At the same time my creativity and practical ability has been greatly improved. I am a student who loves to try to learn through the actual operation and I found out that I’d learned many things effectively.

6th creative portfolio post

It has been a long time since buying drums and I have more time to play with the others. I live in the same floor with Martin, who is playing the electronic keyboard. One evening, we worked together a bit, and we try to play a few songs. I felt that cooperation is actually very good, much better than expected. If you just play by yourself, you can never learn new things. Therefore, cooperate with people is wonderful. I forgot to take the Photo. However, I am sure I will post it later.

7th creative portfolio post

I think I have to sum up, and the semester came to an end. This is probably about the last blog about my Cajon, but I think I will continue to send some tweets, perhaps no longer about Cajon maybe about my college life. But I will send more things to share with more people. I will also try to make my own drums and practice box drums. I will try to find other channels to get a real wooden board to build my own drum.


5th creative portfolio post

This time we must do a cleaning of the drum, because there were dusts getting into the drum during Thanksgiving. I think the dust will have an impact on the sound, and I cannot do any professional cleaning work. Therefore, I could only clean the drum in my own way. The trouble is to clean up the dial. The sheet metal is still a lot of ash, and I dare not to use too wet things to clean because it will rust. So, I had to take a little bit clean cotton. In general, the long-term use of the instrument will lead to aging or other issues.894965901298694385

This is after I cleaned inside of my Cajon.

4th creative portfolio post

I found my roommate to read my blog, but my roommate did not understand what I was saying after reading my blog because he never contacted instruments. So, this is probably the first to talk about the history of box drum. Most people agree that drum was from Africa and later brought into South America and gradually became popular. Because box drums can beat the sound similar to the drum kit, and box drum is more likely to appear in street activities because of its sound and it’s convenience to carry on. In fact, there were a lot of topics on the box drum, but I found out a lot of useful knowledge that cannot be found in other places. And then in the end I will put a video showing a very powerful box drummer playing drum, and  This video from YouTube posted by Daddi Bahmani 3 years ago.


Class project report

In fact, a lot of things in life do not look so difficult. My cell phone was repaired many times. But If I look the tutorial to split the phone and repair it, honestly, it is really a difficult task. I think it is difficult to do because most of the tutorial were written by a number of experts. I think everything is difficult at the beginning, but I still tried once in the class. I got a Samsung mobile phone “SGH-A687”, which was a slider with a full keyboard phone and looks a bit like a BlackBerry phone. In short I thought it was easier to dismantle Samsung than to dismantle iPhone. The tool has only one set of screwdriver. I realized that it was so hard to find any materials on the tutorials, and I thought the reason why there were lack of materials was that the phone was old age and it was a contact phone with AT&T, which means the model was different with other phones. Therefore I have to discover by my self. Here are several steps to dismantle:


  1. Open the back cover to remove the battery.


  1. Unscrew the screws and remove the back cover.


  1. Remove the motherboard and remove the microphone and camera


This time the basic dismantling has been completed, I don’t have the tool to dismantle the screen so it can not be dismantle. What surprised me was that the cell phone batteries were made in Japan, not in China since nowadays most of the phones are made in China, and I think this is mostly because of the age of mobile phone. At that time China’s high-tech manufacturing technology is not up to standard, but now the IPhone is also produced in China’s foundry, and even the generations of IPhone lightning interface are invented by foundry factory.


What I am proud of is that I can dismantled cell phone and I constituted it back by half of the time that I took it apart. I got exercise and experience through the entire process

3rd creative portfolio post

This time, the feeling was very good and the teacher told me that my progress was very fast. Last time I had hard time dealing with the rhythm, but this time, it was not a problem to me. The corporation of two hands became more skilled. I felt it was really interesting to play drum and drum could always help me relax. I think this is because I had put my real efforts and heart into the musical instruments, which really helped me to easily grasp the location and readily control the rhythm. Although there are many things I have to learn in the future, the pressure and more practices won’t affect my interest in drum.Recently, after watching a lot of skilled people in the video, I concluded that I may need other accessories to make different sounds, so it is the time to upgrade my equipment. I went to Amazon to buy a tapping device worn on the finger and bought another drum from another model. The most exciting thing is the new drum was different with the old drum because the new drum does not need the glue, and it was just need to assemble by hands. It was really excited to look forward to and assemble the drum.win_20161108_02_48_53_pro